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BirchIron Title

What is Body Positive Fitness?

Body Positive Fitness is the radical notion that your body is already enough. Body Positivity is inherently Fat Positive, it holds space for LGBTQ and gender-expansive folks, and centers BIPOC. Our mission aims to uphold these values. Birch & Iron Fitness is for those who know that fitness is about getting stronger today, grooving on your 85th birthday, and feeling yourself between now and then.

What disability accommodations exist at Birch & Iron?

We have a ramped street entrance with doorbell and garage door for studio access. In addition, most kettlebells, dumbbells and FreeMotion machine are intentionally offered at 36-48" height for ease of independent use. Please inquire for specific accommodations (e.g. ASL interpretation, pre/ post-gender affirming operation programs, wheelchair user programs).

What is a training program?

Once you have met with one of our trainers and sign up for a program, you can expect a very personalized set of exercises that build foundational movements and challenge all your major (and often minor) muscle groups based on where you are at. Whether your training program is a finite set of sessions or ongoing, you can expect to learn optimized ways of movement to contribute to your fitness journey forever.

What is a fitness consultation?

This is a one-on-one time to meet with a trainer to identify your goals (not society's), your current strengths (yes, if you can move, you have plenty!), as well as movement patterns that can be optimized. You can expect to learn movements that will add to lifelong wellness and decrease your overall injury risk. Complimentary, always.

Do I have to sign-up for personal training if I do a fitness consultation?

Nope. We LOVE doing fitness consultations! We understand that training is not in everyone's budget. While we offer very flexible pricing, we believe in offering valuable content at no charge.

Can a fitness company really be body positive / fat positive?

Absolutely! At Birch & Iron, we believe that nobody owes the world their fitness and no one should be required to exercise in order to be worthy. We make space for bodies of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and identities to move. If you want direction within that scope, we provide that as well.

Do you offer meal plans?

Just as some people are licensed and certified to offer recommendations about movement, there is an array of professionals better qualified to offer guidance around food and we can make referrals accordingly. With that said, Birch & Iron promotes anti-diet culture, so our network of referrals include carefully vetted professionals who align with this.

What kind of programs do you offer?

Our programs are fully customized for each client based on personal goals, time, and budget. Book your complimentary consultation to discover what your program looks like.