BirchIron Title

Colleen M.

“Evelyn is an amazing trainer. I've been working with her weekly for almost 6 months and I can see and feel a difference. I like to call her the 'velvet hammer'. She pushes me to the edge of my capabilities and expects a lot from me, but has an encouraging way of doing so. Of all the trainers, coaches, classes I've ever attended, Evelyn very focused on proper form and functional fitness. We've worked on posture and flexibility while nailing core strength and general whole body exercises. After my workouts I love the post summary email she sends me and it gives me the opportunity to do it on my own later in the week. I can't say enough good things. I highly recommend Birch And Iron Fitness and Evelyn. Lastly, Evelyn has a great personality, and is extremely bright, articulate and thoughtful in partnering with you on your wellness journey.”

Rick H.

“Evelyn at Birch & Iron has been instrumental in helping me reach my goals. She makes working out a lot of fun and avoids monotony by varying the program very well. She genuinely cares and invests in her clients so much. Evelyn is also very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Birch & Iron, especially for beginners!”

Cindy E.

“Working out with Evelyn was exactly what I was looking for. She approaches fitness from a body positive point of view, where goals center more around strength and overall fitness then weight loss. She was able to work with me within my limitations and stressed the importance of listening to the body and self care. She would make modifications as needed for my large figure and understood how to excersize my desired target areas while teaching me about fitness overall. She pushed me to strive for my goals with positive reinforcement and has allowed me to feel stronger, healthier, and happier with my bodies capabilities. I would highly reccomend Birch & Iron for anyone looking to improve thier fitness while also maintaining healthy body image!”